Identify bowlers in action

December 22, 2011

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Large screen actress wallpapers

Find high resolution large screen wallpapers of actresses and movies here:

Above two web sites have lots of large screen wallpapers of tollywood movies,actresses and actors.
These sites are among my favourite wallpaper/poster sites and these get updated very frequently with latest tollywood news as well.
Please check out these sites , you will find these very good.

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LINKBLIP:track your URL

March 19, 2010

Linkblip is a great tool that allows to track your URL.
For this just go to linkblip and add your email id and URL that you want to track,that's it linkblip generates a url .Use this url to promote or share.Now you will get information regarding date,time and place when the url was clicked.Isn't this cool and give it a try .

 Another such service is adf,this also pays you when your links are clicked and is a link shortening site. - shorten links and earn money!

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Twitter followers button for your blog

March 9, 2010

Twittercounter provides widgets for twitter users  for displaying number of followers and other cool stats.Just like the feedburner stats widget.
You can check them at twittercounter.

At this site ,they have also given the details (script) for generating your own twittercounter widget.
So check this site twitterers.
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BLOGUPP- promote and drive more traffic to your blog

March 7, 2010

Blogupp is a great website to drive traffic to your blog.
What makes Blogupp different?

* No Sign-up (URL only)
* 3 Blog tools combined
* Handpicked quality blogs
* Blog targeting and ranking
* Cheat-proof and fair sharing
* Blogspot, Wordpress and alike friendly
* Welcome bonus for every approved blog
* Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9)(for every 10 impressions in your blo,your blog gets 9 on others)

How does it work?...

* BlogUpp! snapshots each blog and reads its RSS on a regular basis;
* For every 10 blogs shared in your widget, yours is shared in 9 others;
* The widget shows interactively the blog image and its latest post;
* The blog clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing yours;
* Approved blogs are also promoted via blog directory and blog discovery toolbar;
* And all this is completely free and with no effort whatsoever.

All submitted blogs are analyzed individually and approved manually in a timely manner.
There are not accepted adult, gambling, and illegal or inappropriate content websites.
As indicator of the approval status is the color of widget bar with BlogUpp! logo.
Hence Grey stands for pending, Blue - for approved, and Red - for denied.
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